Department of Early Childhood Education


"In order to be a teacher who can keep observing a child's mind, great training must ensue!"
"I want to be that teacher who I used to really like when I was in school."
"I'd like to make use of my favorite piano in my career"
"I love children!"
For the prospective caregivers who have dreams of being a nursery school or kindergarten teacher with various motivations like the above-mentioned, the department provides significant lectures, given by professors who have deep experience in the fields of childcare, and many practical programs at two affiliated kindergartens, nursery schools, other kindergartens, and other welfare facilities in neighboring regions, where you'll be sure to be a teacher grabbing a child's heart. The way of being an adorable teacher will start here.
This department aims to develop highly trained and proficient nursery and kindergarten teachers who always get close to the child's life. They will be balanced mentally and physically, be self-reliant and independent, possess rich culture of society, and have a specialty in childcare. Therefore, we hope the applicants to be as follows:

Admission Policy: Policy on Admission Acceptance

We admit prospective students who possess a superior attitude and a sense of ethics, and those who are strongly interested in infants and/or children. We admit prospective students who will earnestly try to acquire the knowledge, art and skills of their chosen related field whichever it may be.
We admit prospective students who have the sociality and abilities to work and proceed with cooperating and sharing within the framework of the team.

Curriculum Policy: Policy on Organization of Curriculum

The curriculum is systematically organized in order to keep on the purpose and the mission of childcare, and to study the disciplinary knowledge in order to comprehend the infant and/or the child.
The curriculum is organized in order to facilitate the learning of childcare methods and technical skills needed in childcare practice. The curriculum is organized in order to facilitate the learning of the sense of norm or rules as members of a team of caregivers in the community and in society as a whole.

Diploma Policy: Policy on Graduation Certification

We certify that the students have accomplished proper learning practices of childcare support and ethics.
We certify that the students have accomplished proper learning of childcare skills and instructive abilities to enhance children's interests and their willingness to cooperate. We certify that the students have accomplished learning of the rules and manners that work well in a team among the caregiver population.

Two-year Course of Department

Two-year Course of Department

This two-year course offers experimental lessons focusing on practices at nursery and kindergarten schools, and supports students in acquiring three licenses: childcare worker, type-2 kindergarten teacher and social welfare conductor. Both theoretical and practical lessons help students balance the knowledge, skills and sensibilities during two-year co-educational training. Graduates from this college start their work immediately in their early childhood field using their specialties in music, arts, sports, education of disabled children and infants. Students must be well-balanced mentally and physically, and they must balance their lives between childcare work and home life.

Three-year Course of Department

Three-year Course of Department

This three-year course offers the same contents taking only two classes in the morning every day. This course assists students to acquire the same licenses as the two-year education. Students spend rich and valuable time on the job, part-time job, career-up, piano practice, preparation and review of daily subjects.