Department of Medical Technology

We educate medical technologist. Medical technologist is an important part of health care team. They perform specimen collection from patients and analyze them for purposes of obtaining information for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients or for providing information to doctors who will diagnose and treat patients. Medical technologist is required to pass a national certification exam.

Three Characteristics of the Department of Medical Technology

1. We develop the ability of students to contribute to community medical care.

We educate students, who possess richness of spirit, high-level logical thinking and accurate problem solving ability besides having the basic knowledge and skills of clinical examination to support the community medical care system.

2. We develop the bio- scientific and medical knowledges and practical skills of students in our new facility.

Because advances of bioscience and medical technology is rapid recently,we train students, who can learn and think by themselves. Our university constructed a new five-story building for the Department of Medical Technology.In the first two year, students take the general education, foreign languages,natural sciences, sports along with basic and clinical medical sciences. In the third year, students take a clinical training program at Nagoya University Hospital and other main hospitals in Aichi area. In the last year,students take a graduation research program in our university.

3. Hand on training to take the national examination for a registered medical technologist.

Our university employed excellent medical professionals. They had worked in the medical schools as the professor of basic and clinical medicine or worked as the leader of medical technologists. They will train the students for national examination.