Fields of Study

Four-Year Learning Plan

Four-Year Learning Plan

Eight Specialized Areas in Nursing

1. Fundamental Nursing

We aim at the improvement of the nursing practice ability.
Students raise the motivation of nursing, and try to understand the concept of nursing by asking the questions, "what is nursing?" and "what is meant by health?" Students learn how to identify the health problems of their subjects, and esteem to acquire the knowledge and nursing practice skills to solve these problems.

2. Adult Nursing

Students learn to understand the characteristics of adulthood, and they aim to improve their nursing practice abilities.
Students study and strive to understand the characteristics and features of adult patients who suffer from health problems and offer support to them and their families. They learn how to care for the patients at acute, chronic and terminal stages.

3. Maternal Nursing

We aim to improve perinatal care and childcare nursing.
Students learn nursing assistance for the mother, her newborn child and her family members during the pregnancy, delivery, and puerperium stage, and for the maintenance and promotion of general health of women.

4. Pediatric Nursing

We aim to improve the quality of life (QOL) of children and their families.
Students learn to understand diseases peculiar to children on the basis of their developmental properties. They must also learn support skills for the child and the mother who suffer from nursing problems with respect to QOL.

5. Geriatric Nursing

We aim to improve the understanding of the dignity of life when it comes to our aging society and the characteristics of old age.
Students learn to how to assess older patients with regard to their physical ability, mental capacity, social situation (which includes their families), and living history. Students learn the nursing support skills of how to care for the elderly as advocates of the right to life and of sparing the dignity of elderly persons.

6. Home Nursing

Our students train diligently to learn how to support the life of home care persons.
Home care teams support local residents and their families under medical treatment to improve and maintain their QOL. Students learn the basic knowledge and skills of home nursing care.

7. Psychiatric Nursing

Students learn the nursing skills of how to maintain and promote mental health by understanding the vigorous behavior of these patients.
Students learn to understand the emotional behavior of patients who live in a complicated society. They strive not only to care for patients with mental illnesses but also to promote and maintain positive mental health.

8. Public Health Nursing

Students learn the specialty of public health nursing.
Students learn to understand the spirit and practice methods of public healthcare nursing, and what their roles as public healthcare workers are. They learn to support community members in developing a healthy way of life, as well as acquire excellent health instruction methods for doing so.