Department of Nursing

We train nurses and public health nurses who can contribute to the health recovery, health promotion, and disease prevention of the people living in the community.
Our department aims to nurture qualified nurses who contribute to the medical care in the community by learning the latest medical knowledge and nursing skills. We educate skillful nurses who care for the sick and injured and their family members.

Four Characteristics of the Department of Nursing

1. We develop the ability of students to contribute to community medical care.

Recently, medical teams, who support the sick and injured, in which many specialists from various fields, including from the health and welfare sector, are attracting attention.
Responding to such social requests, we strive even harder to nurture qualified nurses who possess richness of spirit, high level logical thinking and accurate problem solving ability besides having the basic knowledge and skills of nursing to support the community medical care system.

2. We develop the practical skills of students in our new facility.

Our university constructed a new five-story building for the Faculty of Nursing, where the newest equipment and apparatuses are assembled in large lecture rooms and various training rooms.
Students study, train and practice in an ideal academic environment before engaging in training practice at training facilities off campus. Moreover, in the new building, a "Nursing Support Center" is available for meeting with persons such as people in charge of the training facilities or future employers.

3. In the second year of university, practice training starts at the community flagship hospitals.

Since nursing is a practical science, we focus on small group hospital training sessions. Five students in a group take practice training at the community flagship hospitals where highly advanced medical treatment is provided.
Most of the hospitals are located within 30 minutes by public transportation from our campus, therefore, students have plenty of time to prepare for their training. Having training facilities nearby allows them to concentrate mentally and physically on the training and not on the logistics of getting there and back again. Consequently, students are able to focus and gain sufficient results.

4. Students learn in cooperation with the other units within Shubun Gakuin.

Our university is founded by Shubun Gakuin, which also includes two kindergartens, a high school and a junior college on the same campus. Within this network, the Faculty of Nursing holds pediatric nurse training and nutritional care study at the kindergarten in association with the Faculty of Nutrition.
Students learn the skills to communicate smoothly with other professionals, and they are given many opportunities to play a role as members of team medicine by studying comprehensive and practical knowledge of healthcare within this safe and academic environment.

Acquirable License

  • Nurse (qualification for the national examination)

Licenses Acquirable by Choice

  • Public health nurse
    (qualification for the national examination)
  • First-class health officer
    (application after acquisition of qualification of public health nurse)
  • Second-class school nurse
    (application after acquisition of qualification of public health nurse)