Department of Nutrition

Registered Dietitians: Professional Contributing to Human Health

Registered dietitians learn from a wide variety of scientific fields such as food science, nutrition, medicine, etc. They also understand other fields such as the culture and history of food. This knowledge will help registered dietitians to deepen their occupational skills.

Department of Nutrition

Three Characteristics of the Department of Nutrition

1. A variety of experiments and practical training

In 2008, we started the faculty in a newly built building. Students learn in clean and safe facilities with the latest equipment.

2. Build communication skills

Registered dietitians have to cooperate with other staff members, and they must speak with clients. We create lectures around these related fields.

3. Remedial study

In the first year, we have lectures in basic biology and chemistry. This curriculum helps students understand the concepts more deeply in the years to follow.

Acquirable Licenses

  • Registered dietitian
    (qualification for the national examination)
  • Dietitian
  • First-class nutrition educator
    : Require to take teacher training course curriculum